Download everything from Internet

The Internet has a lot of good content music, video, or eBook that we wish to download. For a regular user downloading something is a very easy thing. But most of us are still unaware of some of the widely used methods of downloading. How we download To download a file, click on download or […]

What is a Smart Speaker?

A Smart speaker is an audio device that has an interactive ability. Smart Speakers have a virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence, which can recognize our commands and act accordingly. Smart Speakers are mostly wireless by means of connectivity. They communicate by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Smart Speakers functions as an audio device at basic but can […]

How to protect yourself online

Getting online means surf or browse internet or web by means of mobile or laptop or PC. People use the internet to use social media networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest etc) by means of mobile apps or different website. Some people use the internet to hear music or to watch videos on […]

5 things to know about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a word we all hear quite repeatedly for all the right and wrong reasons. To an average tech guy or even a financial broker or investor, it is fairly common, but to a common man like most of us, it is still an unknown entity. Rise of BitCoin & Satoshi Nakamoto In late […]

How to share photos in WhatsApp, without loss of Quality

Whenever you share your photos through WhatsApp, the recipient always receives lower resolution on WhatsApp or should say photos having lower quality on WhatsApp. The logic or idea behind this is to share photos better adapted to the mobile screens. It also reduces the overhead load on Servers of WhatsApp Inc. and moreover this method […]