Pixel 2: Highest rated mobile camera phone

Pixel 2 mobile camera phone is released on October 4, 2017, by Google. It is released with 2 variants. Clearly this is a worthy upgrade over last year’s Pixel phone. There were a lot of leaks and presumptions which at most turned out somewhat true. Pixel 2 was unveiled in two variants, that is one […]

Oppo & Vivo Mobiles, Why you should not buy!

Today if you go for a new mobile you will find that every Indian Mobile shop is filled with Vivo & Oppo adverts. Everywhere you will find these Chinese companies advertisements. If you inquire for a good phone almost all the time shopkeeper will suggest you Oppo & Vivo. So I decided to find out […]

Android 8 Oreo by Google, time to update.

Android is the world’s most popular mobile OS, no doubt about that. So let us see what is in Android 8 aka Oreo. Every Android update is distinct in itself. For example, some are known for their new features. Some updates were known for their stability or strengthened security features. As far as I consider […]