Navratri: A Festival of Dance and Devotion!

Navratri or popularly known as Garba is a festival of Dance. The theme of this festival is Victory over Evil.

Navratri translates to “Nine Nights.” It starts on the First day of Aasho month of Vikram Samvat or Hindu calendar and ends the ninth day of Aasho. It is a Hindu festival in honor of Devi Maa Amba or Kali or Durga Maa.


People keep fast and in honor of Devi Maa, for nine days and worship through these nine days. In different ways, people worship Devi auspicious way, and throughout the country, it is celebrated in a different way.


Mainly in Bengal region of India people take part in Durga Pooja to praise Maa Durga, and in Gujarat people celebrate by a beautiful and energetic dance called Garba or Raas Garba or even they call it Dandiya! The theme of this festival is Victory over Evil.

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In Gujarat, this festival is celebrated as Garba, a traditional folk dance for honouring Devi Maa. For nine days people gather in large groups and dance together, dancing with joy and devotion in colourful, attractive and ethnic outfits.

Traditional Garba in Navratri

In Garba people gather at a common place wherein centre of place lighten of earthen lamps with Idol of Devi and people dance around it to worship Devi Maa with music containing mostly religious and cultural songs.

Traditional Garba was performed on mostly religious music in a much sound manner. But at present Garba is associated with loud music and lights. In cities and urban areas, it is becoming a commercial event rather than a cultural event.

Dandiya Raas

There are various forms of Garba such as Raas and Dandiya. Raas is often associated with couples dancing in Garba, weather Dandiya is associated with dance using two small wooden sticks called Dandiya.

Garba is the most popular festival in India. People from all over eagerly waiting for Garba and you will find people from all ages enjoying celebrating Navratri.

Popular places

There are some good places for Garba. If someone tells you about Navratri in Vadodara then he must be telling about United Way. They are known for their arrangements with an almost full crowd, good music gets you going.

Just keep in mind that getting passes for Garba here is the toughest job. Other than this there are Fine Arts (Vadodara) and Maa Shakti Garba is very popular too.

Navratri Garba Raas at Vadodara

Over the years there are more and more venues for Garba have emerged at all the places. In Ahmadabad major Party plots and Some Good Clubs like Rajpath club have also started Garba but with Commercial interest in mind.

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In Ahmadabad, you will find Friends Garba and Rajpath Club Garba are popular too. Almost in all cities, you will find plots and large places are arranging Garba, in Rural areas there might be only one place in the village but still celebrate the festival. Ultimately people of all ages enjoy and celebrate Navratri in their own way and with there capacities.

Gujarati girl performing garba in Navratri

Anyway, this is the festival of dance and worship. In both ways, you will find yourself happy. Don’t forget Navratri is the world’s longest-running festival.

Happy Navratri !

Be Good.

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