Android 8 Oreo by Google, time to update.

Open wonder Android 8.0

Android is the world’s most popular mobile OS, no doubt about that. So let us see what is in Android 8 aka Oreo. Every Android update is distinct in itself. For example, some are known for their new features. Some updates were known for their stability or strengthened security features. As far as I consider Oreo, I can say that it is a mix of both.

Updated core

In this release, Google introduced a modular OS structure for easy up-gradation to reduce Android fragmentation. Google enhanced boot time, overall speed, and security. Google advertised that Oreo Boot time is 2X lower compared to Android 7.0 Nougat build. As per Google, background app resource consumption is largely on the lower side.

What is Android?

2 times faster boot times of Android Oreo 8.0

Looks and Gloss

Considering looks, to our surprise notification shade colour changed to smooth white. It has been a while; we used to see a darker android theme in the notification shade.

It looks great with neat animation of icon rollover. Notifications are not changed. In fact, they are enhanced. Snooze notifications work well and adaptive icons are nice for easy shortcuts.

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Android 8 also allows you to snooze individual notification groups for 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, or two hours, by swiping right and hitting the clock icon.


You will find a lot of new emojis, Goodbye Blob!

All emojis of Android 8 Oreo

Google’s emoji compatibility library will allow developers to support new emoji on older devices.


Android’s settings are lighter, simpler to navigate, right from the Battery saver to the icons to the icon setting/options everything is nicely tucked in.


Everything is well organized with categories or types of options. In fact, there are a total of 13 sub-menus in settings. Due to that Nougat’s hamburger navigation panel is omitted this time. Major settings options are accompanied by icons.

android-8-o-PIP modandroid-8-o-PIP mod

Finally, Picture in Picture is available on all devices instead of just android TV like in Android 7 Nougat. Instead of multi-window, you can start a video from within one app, then hit the home key to shrink it down into a smaller floating window with its own playback controls. This is a great and elegant approach.


Entering passwords repeatedly is now easier than ever due to “Autofill with Google”. You can safely forget your Password Manager if you are using it.

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For example, if you’ve signed into your app on the web through Chrome, Google can then use these saved credentials to help you sign into that app on your phone just with a single tap. “Autofill with Google” can help you sign into accounts on your phone using information already stored in your Google account.


First, you have to trust Google for giving all sensitive info to Google. In short, Android Oreo is the beginning of the end for password entry on phones.

Inside Android 8 Oreo, Google improvised Project Doze and as per claim result enhanced battery life.

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With Project Treble implementations Google tried to deal Fragmentation and update issue. But it will take a long time for results.

Finally, it is seen that Android 8 Oreo is tinkered from inside than outside and this update will strengthen our faith in Android.

Take care.

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