Eat healthy food and get a healthy body & beautiful skin!

Everyone among us wants to be charming and beautiful, the question is Who doesn’t want? Beautiful skin demands a healthy body. Which in turn depends on the food you take, exercise. The problems within the body will definitely affect our skin or we can say that our face is the mirror of our body.

You can judge a person by just looking at his or her face. In my opinion, if you have a healthy body, then you will certainly have beautiful skin.

To keep our body healthy and to get glowing skin, we need good food and diet, exercise, rest & sleep. Here you will find tips and routine on a healthy lifestyle for body and skin.

Food and drink

Food for healthy body and skin

Our body requires proper nutrition in terms of food and drink to nourishes itself. You may have experienced in life that whenever for some unfortunate reason if you visited doctor might have asked you, what had you eaten last night?

Eat a healthy, chemical-free diet high in vital nutrients. If we eat bad food than similarly, we will have bad results for our health goal.

Basically our food or diet consists of three parts, Fat, Protein & Carbs. All three parts are equally important. You should have a balanced diet accordingly to our body requirement. Our diet should fulfill nutrients requirements of our body.

  • Go for variety of foods.
  • Avoid processed food if possible.
  • Eat according to our hunger not as per our convenience.
Junk food
Junk food

If you feel or you are confused with diet and our body, you should consult a doctor or nutrition expert. Get a custom diet plan according to our body requirements. Remember to have a good amount of protein with a lot of greens and fruits. Avoid fatty food. Our health is dependent on our food and diet.

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Salad as a meal


Exercise does not mean just for losing weight. Most of us have a wrong belief that if we want to get toned up or want to lose weight we should go for some kind of physical exercise. This is totally wrong.

First, let us see what exercise mean for our body. Whenever you start workout our heart gets pumped up, you fill out of breath but this will not harm.

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Now look at the benefits of exercise.

Jogging and running
  • The workout will burn fat, which will improve stamina and reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • It will build our muscle and bones and helps you a better shape.
  • Exercise is known for reducing the risk of Diabetes and some type of Cancer. Thus this will increase our chance of living longer.
  • Most importantly exercise will boost our confidence and improve our Mood.


Sleep is a very important aspect of our body’s health. As you know to properly digest our food intact and to give rest to our body sleep is necessary. During sleep, our body restores the function of the different organs inside our body.

Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. It is quite surprising that proper sleep improves memory. Inflammation is linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and premature ageing, sleep is seen as curbing inflammation.

Sleeping in a park

When we wake up, our creativity, confidence and our urge to achieve our goal are enhanced, reducing stress and depression. Therefore, adequate sleep is always necessary.

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”

― Ernest Hemingway

A healthy body will shine with beautiful skin. Here are some things that will help us get beautiful skin.

Hydration is most important for beautiful skin, therefore drink a lot of water, a steam massage is very helpful, if done right it will improve blood circulation and improve skin texture.

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Protect skin from sun exposure. Avoid sugar, that is anything in which raw sugar is added should be avoided; instead, go for fruits and juice which have natural sugar. Relieve ourselves from any stress.

I hope that reading this will inspire you to have a healthy and happy life, Be Good.

Take Care

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