How to curb Sugar craving and Why?

Sugar craving is a needless urge of our body. Sugar gives our body energy to sustain and survive. Still, almost all the time doctors advise us to reduce sugar consumption.


Sugar has a reputation of causing serious problems in our body right from gum and teeth up to the heart and liver problem. Reasons are endless; still, we love to eat sugar in many ways.

Why curb Sugar intake

Importance if Sugar

Sugar is like fuel to our body. Our body cell uses Sugar which is in the form of Glucose, or Dextrose, as energy. Therefore enough amount of sugar is needed to properly maintain the system or cycles of our body. Therefore it is obvious that our body always craves from sugar whether it is needed or not.

Demand vs. Supply

Whenever there is more sugar available than the requirement, it will get stored in our body cell as fat. What happens is we often take more sugar than required and there is no fault at our side, but as I said our body always wants it.

Demand and Supply - Diabetes

Health problems due to Sugar

Heavy sugar uses causes Tooth problem, Weight Gain (Obesity), Diabetes and related heart problems.

Therefore sugar consumption must be reduced to a safe required level. As we cannot totally eliminate sugar consumption we can surely reduce it.

Avoid using raw Sugar

Make a habit of not using or adding sugar to our food as far as possible. Try to add less sugar in our delicious recipes, use less sugar in our tea or coffee as there are other alternatives available.

Detox by fruit juice & smoothie

Have lots of Fruit juice

Fruit juice has enough amount of sugar and they are very tasty, vice versa. Therefore instead of Colas or other sugary drinks try fruit juice. To satisfy your sugary teeth have a good amount of fruits, carrots, cherry, dates, etc. Options are unlimited!

Eat healthily

Prepare healthily and balance meal. Balance meal means that it combines vegetables, whole grains, and fruits as Carbohydrates; dairy, tofu, fish and poultry as Protein; milk, cheese, olive oil etc. as healthy fats. This food as well as high fibre diet will maintain sugar level in blood and reduces sugar craving.

Sugar alternatives available in market

Sugar Alternatives and Supplements

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If food does not help you much you can take supplements to replenish our body. But do not take this under medical supervision only. There are OTC supplements that can be taken without any risk, but a doctor’s diagnosis will reveal what is needed.

Exercise in open

Regular exercise will help to burn unneeded fats and keeps our body cycle in rhythm. Instead of running on a treadmill, go for jogging in the open air. This has an added advantage of Vitamin D that we receive under Sunlight. So start pushing yourself!

Exercise in open space like Park


Sugar craving is manageable, and even you can divert yourself by involving in an activity such as music, reading, watching movie meditation and of course, jogging or running. It is seen that almost all the time we misunderstand our anxiety to sugar cravings. So try to get relaxed. I always take a full glass of cold water when feeling down or having some cravings due to sugar.

So that’s it, it is easy yet take lot of our attention!

Till next time, Take Care.

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