Most stupidly used car features

Car features are improving day by day and cars are becoming ultra-luxurious. This car features are intended for a specific purpose and they demand purposeful use. It is seen that however is documented, we always tend to use some car features in a stupid way.  

So today I am showing some of these car features which we are using in a stupid way.


Folded Outer Rear View Mirror – ORVM

To view behind or sideways of our vehicle ORVM (Side Glass – in desi term) is used. People keep them in a folded position which is not good. While changing lane it can lead to an accident due to missing vision. So always remember to use your ORVM.

Inside Rear View Mirror – IRVM

Inside Rear View Mirror – IRVM  

In our cars, we prefer to hang something religious or some other thing we like, on IRVM. What happens is with the movement of our car that hanging thing always moves like a pendulum in every direction and sometimes it even touches the main front windshield glass. This moving thing creates problem while cornering by distracting our view and judgement. Even in the rare case, it can even damage our front windshield glass. So do not hang things or articles on IRVM for safety.

Bullbars Hilux-Scrub-Bars


In a recent development, the government restricted the use of bull bars on our vehicle. Aftermarket Bullbars can be customized up to own imagination. This is the reason people are enticed to use it. They endanger the pedestrians or even to other vehicles. In case of impact, they interfere with the crumple zone and transfer the impact energy to the main body, creating more damage and fatality. Also, these bull bars may hamper the function of Airbag. So use Bullbars with safety.

Popping out from Sunroof


The main function of the sunroof is to let fresh air and light into the car. Thus it circulates or recycles the air inside the car. Specifically, kids stand out of the car by the sunroof.

This can get dangerous as moving debris (such as stone from other passing vehicles) or even wires from the street can cause injuries.

In case of a sudden break, even one can fling out of the vehicle.

So use Sunroof to get fresh air or light. If someone wants to stand out of the car it should be only while the car is not in motion.

High beam in Car

High Beam and Fog Lamps

In modern vehicles, both high beam and low beam light are given for a purpose.

Low beam is for use in the city area or well-lit road so that it does not distract or dazzle oncoming vehicle or even pedestrian.

High beam is for use on highways where the speed of a car is high and it requires getting the visual from a far distance as there are no other lights in most cases. People use high beam on whether it is needed or not.

Just like this Fog lamps are for to light up the road in foggy or rainy condition. To avoid any dazzling effect on traffic or pedestrians, one should not use on a normal condition. We should use it wisely to avoid any possible unwanted circumstances.

Hazard lights_should be used logically

Hazard lamps

To notify others about any hazardous situation ahead, hazard lamps are to be used. These should be used when our vehicle is in break down condition or cannot move due to some problem. The use of hazard lamps is to alert others and should not be used now and then. Because sometimes it could create confusion.

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So keep in mind above shown facts for safety and well being.

Till next time take care.

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