How to improve your handwriting

Today I will saw you how to improve handwriting. We always like Good handwriting. It gives appreciation and attention with good marks/grades.

A good pen is required for a beautiful hand writing

Use Good Pen or Pencil

To write something you need a pen or pencil. Always use a good pen that is comfortable to use. A pen should not cause pain in your finger or hand. Try a different pen or pencil and decide on a good one.



Hold your pen in a way that it does not cause hurt your finger or hand.

Hold your pen in a loose grip, not too tight, not too loose.

Do not put pressure on your shoulder while writing.

Do not try to copy someone’s grip.

Sit in a comfortable position.

writing-practice for beautiful hand writing

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Basics for Good handwriting

First, write each alphabet repeatedly. See the difference in the same alphabet. Try to correct each time and see that alphabet shape and size remains the same. Every latter must be of the same size each and every time.

Cursive writing Upper and lower case

Upper and lower case letters should look different in size in a paragraph.

Keep an equal and ideal distance between words. Practice this by writing a paragraph.

Try slanting your letters consistently. Slanting letters looks good, although it depends on personal preference.

Slant cursive

While writing, imagine a straight horizontal line and the lower or upper side of each latter should touch this line. This will help in writing letters of equal size.

Try cursive writing, where try to write in a consistent way with equal size of the latter. Do remember, each latter should look clear. Never joint letters. In a written sentence, equal size letters improve readability.

If you like someone’s handwriting, try to copy it!

Exercise for Good handwriting

Place paper or book slightly slant or at an angle. This will reduce strain on the hand.

Slant paper handwriting

Draw a horizontal line on paper and keep repeating. Try to draw a straight line without any curve.

Take a notebook; write equal size straight line between the line of the notebook as shown below.

Now try one straight line followed by slant line as shown.

Practice work for improving handwriting

After that, try to curve as shown.

Remember, practice is the key to success. Practice each day. For each exercise fill one full page. At first, you find it a waste of time. But results after a week will be amazing.

Bonus Tip

Use English exercise book and practice and practice.

Alphabet practice worksheet

I hope that this brief handwriting tip will help you to improve your handwriting.

Take care.

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