How to stop wasting time with Smartphones

It is said that phones have become a Smartphone and we have become dumb. It is said that the smartphone has turned into an addiction. Everywhere we will find people struggling to find out something from their smartphone! Overuse of smartphones affects the personal relationship. Also, it affects a person’s productivity. Today we will see how to stop wasting time on smartphones.

Nomophobia – Fear of being without a Smartphone

Are you addicted?

First of all, find out about your smartphone usage. Keep a check on your usage by using an app, such as QualityTime, App Usage, Time Used, Time Lock, Forest, Space, etc. For more info Google it.

  • Find your usage and control your time spend on the smartphone
Digital well being

How to start?

Create a timetable for smartphone usage. Do not use smartphone beyond schedule except for a call. Give yourself a treat in terms of food or drink every time you succeed in keeping your goal of lower smartphone usage. This will give a signal to your subconscious mind to not waste time.

Start slowly with a small amount of time to spend without the smartphone. Increase it as you train yourself to not waste time.

  • A simple trick of lower use of the smartphone is, put it away!

  • Don’t keep it handy.

  • Mute the ringer. Set your phone such that it alerts you only for a call.
  • Get rid of unnecessary apps that you do not use frequently.
  • Turn off your smartphone at night. If you think it is not practical, than put off Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  • Every time you take your smartphone in hand, ask yourself; is it necessary?

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Find Alternative.

A decades ago people used books or magazines to read. Today we use the smartphone to read. It is not wrong. But, have you ever realized it reduces your reading comprehensibility! So, instead of reading an e-book on your smartphone use a Kindle or a real book. There is always an alternative to all those things we do on the smartphone.

  • It is seen that to check time we use Smartphone and ended checking all notifications. Try watch for checking time, it is made specifically for that.
  • If you use the smartphone to relieve your boredom, try other activity such as interacting with people, jogging or walking, dancing. Choices are many more. Just get busy.
People enjoying in a Cafe

Being Social

People get them busy in social networks. I suggest instead of saying hi on Facebook or WhatsApp, it is better to meet in person. When you comment on twitter, it is a lot better to comment in person with friends. Just do not waste time on the smartphone.

The time we have is very much special and it should not be wasted by means of the smartphone. For example, just go through this post “The Tail End”, it opens eyes as just how much time left to waste!

Take care.

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