Energy Drink, Do you really need it?

What is an Energy Drink?

  • An energy drink is a kind of beverage or drink that stimulates our body and mind when we take it.

It mainly consists of ingredients like caffeine, Ephedrine, Taurine, B-Vitamins, Guarana seed, Carnitine, Creatine, Inositol, Ginkgo biloba, and many other which are mostly amino acids and herbal extracts.

Famous energy drink brand list

  • 5-hour ENERGY® shots: Also known as Manoj Bhargava energy drink.
  • Propel: Contains no caffeine.
  • Red Bull
  • Sting
  • Monster
  • tzinga
  • AMP
  • Rockstar
  • NOS
  • Full Throttle

And many more…

Energy Drink and Sports Drinks

Sports Drinks are of a different kind. They help to replenish the loss of body fluids due to intense physical activity. They mostly contain electrolytes and sugar with water. That is why sports drinks (instead of energy drink!) are used by sports persons such as cricketers or before a soccer game.

In another way, an energy drink boost performance. While a Sports drink maintains performance.

How to Get Fit and Fabulous!

Effects of energy drinks on the body

Energy drinks are said to help you when you are tired.

They improve brain function.

It gives a feeling of refreshment. They are added with flavours and are very appealing in taste.

These are some benefits of energy drinks. Now see some side effects of energy drinks.

Most energy drinks are made with caffeine. And this is the main culprit.

Let us see why.

Have healthy food and get a healthy body & beautiful skin!


Most energy drinks contain caffeine and this very substance ruins the drink. The imbalance caffeine is often called “caffeine withdrawal symptom.” This often leads to headaches and migraines.

  • Large doses of caffeine can lead to major panic attacks or severe anxiety.

Students often take this kind of drinks to stay awake. Unfortunately, regular use of this kind of products leads to sleeplessness or insomnia!

Most of this kind of energy drink contains a high amount of sugar which can lead to type 2 diabetes. (do take note of it)

Compare sugar level in popular energy drinks.

How to curb Sugar craving and Why?

A research study on “the effects of energy drinks on human behaviour” has concluded in a controversial result. Too much intake can lead to Risky behaviour, Nervousness, and Depression among teens and this a very serious concern.

Depression and other symptoms
  • Those people who are suffering from high blood pressure should refrain from taking energy drink.

If you enjoy this kind of drinks wisely, you will have maximum benefit from it. They are here for a specific purpose. They will give you an instant boost of energy. If you start taking it regularly as a substitute for water, you are putting yourself in trouble.

Take care.

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