Weight loss mistakes that affect your health

For better health, we should have a balanced weight. Neither overweight nor underweight. Due to the unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle, the majority of people are overweight or obese. Therefore, for a better health weight loss is necessary.

What is our ideal weight?

There is an ideal weight chart for Men & Women. It is calculated considering BMI. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measurement of a person’s weight with respect to his or her height.

Calculate your BMI easily

Ideal weight as per our height

(in Cm)
(in Kg)
(in Kg)
(in Cm)
(in Kg)
(in Kg)
Ideal Height Weight Chart

Why we don’t lose weight?

Every one of us has different characteristics related to the body. Due to this, the same efforts or methods related to weight loss gives a different result to each individual.

Still, there are some mistakes that we make which prevent weight loss.

Why we don't lose weight?
How not to loose weight!

Doing exercise only without following any diet plan

The food we eat is stored as calories into our bodies. The food we take is used by our body as an energy source for the various body functions.

Most of the calories are used for the requirement of our body. If you sit all day, then without exercise your body will burn almost 25% to 30% of total calorie burn.

Comparatively very few calories are burnt while exercising.

The remaining excess calories stored in our bodies. These excess calories are the reason for weight gain.

Therefore, a calorie deficit is required for weight loss.

To reduce weight a person should burn those excess calories while doing exercise.

It is seen that a person who is exercising tends to eat more food. This nullifies the reason for burning excess calories which are stored in our body. Therefore while exercising a proper healthy diet is necessary.

That is why exercising alone will not help in losing weight. A proper diet program is essential.

Irregular Exercise schedule

One of the common reasons for missing the gym or exercise is “lack of time” and forgetfulness. Everybody is having a busy lifestyle.

In my opinion however you busy, you can spare some time for exercise.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way than you have to prioritize your health over other things.

If you are doing exercises alone at home, then probably there are more chances of missing your workout.

Therefore, if possible do exercise in groups or with friends. Competing with your friends will help you a lot.

For those busy people, there is a workout that lasts for just 7 minutes and gives maximum benefit in the shortest time.

7 Minute Workout for weight loss

In a recent scientific study, it is observed that a specific set of exercise which takes only 7minute to complete, gives maximum result when you are trying to lose weight.

This Workout covers the whole body. It involves all the major muscle groups of our bodies.

It targets the upper, lower, and core areas of our body. This is a high-intensity (HIIT – High-intensity interval training) workout.

7 Minute Workout
7 Minute Workout for weight loss

This workout is scheduled for 7 minutes and it consists of 11 different exercises.

Each exercise is scheduled for 30 seconds. After each exercise rest of 10 seconds is to be taken.

  • Jumping jacks for 30 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds
  • Wal sit for 30 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds
  • Push up for 30 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds
  • Abdominal crunch for 30 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds
  • Step up on to a chair for 30 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds
  • Squat for 30 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds
  • Triceps dip on a chair for 30 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds
  • High knees / Running in place for 30 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds
  • Forward lunges for 30 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds
  • Side plank for 30 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds
  • Push up with rotation for 30 seconds, Rest for 10 seconds

This workout plan is an extreme, calorie-burning workout that will help losing weight.

At an average one can burn almost 105 calories in just 7 minutes of this workout.

This is the most beneficial workout at the current time. You can do it anywhere and it does not require any assistance.

Therefore, you can perform it alone. It is a no-equipment workout plan.

In my opinion, sparing just 7 minutes from your busy schedule is very easy.

If you do not follow this 7-minute workout regularly you will not lose weight for sure.

Choosing a wrong diet plan

Every diet plan has a distinct advantage, with some peculiarity. Each diet plan focuses on three basic ingredients of food.

Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat.

These diet plans are often derived from a regime of increasing or decreasing the intake of either Protein, Carb, or Fat.

Some of the popular diet plans and programs are listed below.

GM Diet plan

General Motors diet or known as GM diet plan is easy to follow and quickest way to lose weight without altering your daily routine.

GM Diet Plan

Unlike other diet plans, the GM diet plan involves eating natural products such as fruits, and vegetables.

At the end of the 7th day, you may lose 5 kg to 8 kg of excess body weight.

It is a 7-day diet plan.

The main focus of the GM diet plan is to have lots of water to stay hydrated and eat fruits and low-calorie vegetables.

Atkins diet

This plan was promoted by Dr. Robert C. Atkins. The Atkins Diet is a 4 phase low carb program to lose weight.

It is a well-published and very popular diet plan as several celebrities have promoted and endorsed this diet plan.

Atkins diet plan
Atkins diet plan

This diet plan proposes an intake of low carb food. you can eat protein and fat-rich food any way you like, but it should not have any carb.

It promotes the unprocessed food.

This diet plan does not allow unhealthy food like baking ingredients like sugar and wheat flour, bread, ice cream, sodas.

Additionally, lower carb intake reduces your hunger. This results in quicker fat loss.

The Vegan diet

This weight loss vegetarian diet plan consists of taking plant and herbs based food only.

It bans every animal sourced or an animal-derived product including dairy and honey. This program is very healthy.

This is pure vegetarianism. There are several benefits to this vegan diet.

Low-fat diet

This diet plan consists of taking 10% fat (from food) of daily calorie requirements.

This plant-based diet is high in carb and low in protein.

Weight loss is due to a lower amount of fat in food.

Low-Fat Diet Plan
Low-Fat Diet Plan

Low-fat diet includes oatmeal, rice, whole-grain bagels, noodles especially whole-grain versions, cereals, other pasta products.

Among dairy items, low-fat versions such as skimmed milk or yogurt are preferred with Paneer (cottage cheese). Among protein-containing foods, tofu, beans, lentils, and peas can be eaten.

Intermittent fasting

This is currently one of the popular and successful diet plans.

In this plan fasting and eating cycle is followed for 24 hours.

It has many variations. One of the popular variations is 16/8. In this, you are allowed to eat for 8 hours and then for 16 hours no food is allowed.

For beginners it may be tough to follow this fasting, eating, fasting rule. They start by reducing fasting time.

Intermittent fasting
Intermittent fasting

In another variation “The Warrior Diet” during day tie only fruit and veggies are taken and later at night one full meal is allowed without any restrictions.

Intermittent fasting is the most beneficial and result oriented diet system. No special diet recommendations are required.

Rather than a diet system, it is an eating pattern with many benefits.

Paleo diet

The Paleolithic diet, Paleo diet, caveman diet, or stone-age diet are the common name of this plan.

This diet focuses on taking food in a way that our ancestors have taken.

Paleo diet plan believes in taking whole foods like protein, veggies, nuts, and fruits.

What to Eat on a Paleo Diet
What to Eat on a Paleo Diet

It discourages processed food, salt, and sugar. Anything that is artificially produced such as refined vegetable oils and artificial sweeteners is not allowed.

In the paleo diet, you can eat fresh veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, eggs, seafood, and meat. Moreover, oils such as coconut oil, olive oil are allowed.

Controversially the paleo diet does not allow cereal, rice, pasta, bread, which is not allowed. Also, avoid beans, peas, lentils, tofu, peanut butter, and soy food items.

Low carb diet

Our body takes energy from carb and fats. The logic of this plan is to use fat from food as an energy source for the body instead of Carbohydrates.

This diet plan focuses on reducing carb intake.

Low carb diet plan is popular due to the belief that it gives maximum weight loss. Apart from this, it helps in reducing symptoms and risk factors related to diabetes.

In the current scenario, a typical meal contains around 60% of carb at an average.

Therefore, to reduce carb food we eat, a low carb diet includes having green vegetables, green vegetables, apples, blueberries, and strawberries, unsweetened dairy products, and fish, eggs.

The Dukan Diet

This plan is developed by a weight management expert Dr. Pierre Dukan. This is a high protein diet low carb diet plan.

According to your desired weight goal, your plan is designed. It is divided into four different parts or phases.

  • The ATTACK Phase > Duration: Up to 7 days > In this phase, a pure protein food such as meat, poultry and fish, tofu, non-fat dairy products, shirataki noodles, diet gelatin and a moderate amount of oat bran is taken.
  • The CRUISE Phase > Duration: It lasts up 12 months or up to the weight goal is reached. In this phase on alternate day Attack phase food is taken. and on another day lean non-starchy veggies are taken such as Onions, Green beans, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Celery, Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, kale, lettuce.
  • The CONSOLIDATION Phase > Duration depends upon your weight loss achieved (5 days for every pound lost in phases 1 and 2). In this phase, regular foods are allowed gradually considering weight does not shoot up nullifying our weight loss. Although you have to take protein foods, as usual, you are allowed a moderate amount of corn, beans, legumes, rice, potatoes, other starches, cheese, whole-grain bread, and fruits like berries, melon, apple, orange, pear, peach, kiwis, plums, or apricots.
  • The STABILIZATION Phase > Duration: rest of your life. After the above three phases weight loss achieved is to be sustained for life. for that no food is restricted, but everything is in limited quantity. As per official sources in this phase, you have to follow these basics. You have to take 3 Tablespoons of Oat Bran per day. Walk 20 minutes daily and choose to take the stairs whenever possible. Have a pure protein in any weekday, i.e. Attack Phase menu.
Dukan diet phase wise information
Dukan diet phase-wise information

Although no scientific studies found, this Dukan diet plan gives maximum weight loss. Experienced users have claimed to have achieved maximum from this pure protein diet.

The HCG diet

This diet is highly controversial and women’s target diet. HCG means human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone found in pregnant women.

This diet claimed to have extreme weight loss up to 1Kg/day.

In this diet plan, extremely low calorie up to the extent of 500 calories/day is taken with HCG injections under the strict supervision of an expert. It is alow fat diet plan.

Although many have claimed results and impressive weight loss, it is banned by the FDA citing it is dangerous, illegal, and fraudulent.


When you can not control your cravings or the sudden urge for food, you keep eating uncontrollably.

This binge-eating is called overeating and quickly became a disorder.

It is derived in a recent scientific study that almost 20% of people have issues and effects related to overeating.

When you exercise well to burn calories, you must have to restrict your portion of the food you eat.

You need to stop overeating.

Despite eating healthy weight-loss food, if you keep eating more than required, you will not lose weight and instead, it will cause weight gain. You must stop overeating.

Sugar is bad for weight loss

Sugar provides energy to our body. That is why when we take sugar in any form of like energy drink/sports drink we fill energetic for a while. When you consume more sugar than required, that extra sugar (calorie) gets stored in the form of body-fat into our body.

How to curb Sugar craving and Why?

For weight loss, eat less sugar.

Sugar is the main culprit behind weight loss. Sugar causes obesity and related heart disease. Importantly sugar accelerates ageing. It slows down our metabolism.

Therefore, to reduce weight sugar should be controlled.

If you do not reduce sugar consumption, you will not lose any body-weight despite dieting and doing the workout.

Drinking very less water

There are several benefits of drinking water. If you do not drink enough water there are many disadvantages such as dehydration, feeling tired, headache, dizziness, lack of energy, and mental fog.

Staying hydrated is very much essential as our bodies constantly dehydrated due to sweat.

Drinking water boosts our body metabolism to the extent of 30%. That helps in losing weight.

This helps in calorie burn. Moreover, drinking water before a meal makes us eat less as drinking water induces the feeling of fullness. Besides this drinking enough water keeps our skin healthy, keeps our body hydrated. Water helps in lowers ur body temperature.

Drinking water is necessary for better health. You do not lose weight if you do not drink enough water.

Alcohol is bad for weight loss

Many people think that consuming liquor does not add up calories. On the contrary, it is totally the opposite. Surprisingly alcohol is a high-calorie drink.

For example, a glass full of wine contains almost 125 calories and a can of beer has 150!

These are empty calories. That means these calories do not have any nutritional value.

Moderate drinking like a couple of drinks in a week is allowed. But a couple of drinks every evening or binge drinking will not help in weight loss.

Alcohol has severe effects on metabolism. Heavy drinking-related side effects like alcoholic fatty liver can seriously damage the liver.

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The liver has a direct relation to metabolism.

Some alcohol drinks like beer have a lot of sugar in it. Upon consumption, excess sugar is stored as fats in our body.

“That is why we often see “Beer Belly” on heavy alcohol drinkers.”

When alcohol is inside your body, it is used as an energy source. Due to this other sources of energy sources like glucose, lipids, carbs are not used. These excess energy sources are stored as fats.

When we drink alcohol, it sends a hunger signal to our brain. That is why we see after having alcohol we often feel hunger pegs or sudden urge to eat something. This is works like a domino effect.

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More alcohol means more hunger, and more food intake means more weight.

Alcohol induces sleep deprivation. Therefore lack of sleep ultimately affects our weight loss efforts.

Alcohol consumption has a detrimental effect on your weight loss effort.

Lack of sleep and weight loss

An average human needs almost 8 hours of sleep on average. Sleep gives our body time to adjust against all kinds of stresses.

In a way, proper sleep is required when you are trying to lose weight. Just remember, get enough sleep.

In a scientific study at the University of Chicago Medical Center, it is found that lack of sleep causes more hunger.

This is due to a higher level of hormone, ghrelin. This hormone is responsible for higher hunger and a slower metabolism.

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Thus less sleep affects hunger and metabolism of our body. Lesser sleep increases stress hormones. This increases appetite.

Moreover, this affects our sense while choosing healthy food. We tend to select unhealthy food while eating. In the end, binge eating results in weight gain.

Just remember, more you sleep less the weight.


There are many reasons for not losing weight. But the above-mentioned reasons are very important. To lose weight follow these tips.

  • Exercise regularly and follow a specific healthy diet.
  • Do not overeat.
  • Cut down sugar consumption.
  • Make a habit of regularly drinking water.
  • Consume alcohol in a moderate amount, do not overdo.
  • Finally, sleep well.

Take care.


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