What is a Smart Speaker?

A Smart speaker is an audio device that has an interactive ability. Smart Speakers have a virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence, which can recognize our commands and act accordingly. Smart Speakers are mostly wireless by means of connectivity. They communicate by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Smart Speakers functions as an audio device at basic but can be used as a networking device or even home automation device if a device manufacturer has added capability for these.

At most, nowadays every smart speaker has their own virtual assistant or smart assistant. These are proudly advertised as Artificial intelligence or AI devices by their manufacturer.

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In the market today you will find lots of devices with different AI assistant. Tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon all have their products in the market. They all are currently making money in Smart Speaker market.

Looking at the product popularity Google and Amazon are trying for top spot and Apple and Microsoft are behind.

Let’s take a look at these products.

First, as an AI assistant Google uses Google Assistant, Amazon uses Alexa, Apple uses Siri and Microsoft is doing with Cortana.


Google Home Smart-speakers

Search Giant Google has two Smart speakers, Home and Home Mini. Google home is a good device with good audio and it is quite economical too. One more thing, it looks great! While smaller sibling Home Mini is an entry-level device with great AI.

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To be precise Out of all smart speakers Google Home and Home Mini are smartest. One added advantage of using Google is it supports Google Maps and Google Calendar.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo & Dot smartspeakers

Amazon offers a great range of Smart Speakers with very good AI Alexa. Various variants such as Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus are available as Smart Speakers.

The Good thing is these Speakers offers functions as Home Automation control, play music on demand from different apps via web and even set an alarm. Options are large enough.

The Good Thing is that Alexa is also available through third-party products such as Sonos & JBL and this makes it very versatile. Amazon Smart Speakers are good for their economic Price.

Apple Homepod

Apple homepod Smartspeaker

Apple offers Apple HomePod with Siri. As per its tradition, it is costly among all, but it offers the best sound quality. Being a Smart Speaker it has Siri embedded and that serves the purpose. But, not as good as Google or Alexa.

Microsoft Cortana

Invoke - Microsoft Cortana enabled Harmon branded Smartspeaker

Microsoft Smart Speaker offers Smart Speaker with Cortana which is made by Harman Kardon. It is a bit pricey and that is why very few takers of it considering the AI capability of Cortana.

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I prefer that when you buy a Smart speaker, do consider price and support. As per AI assistant performance, by time and time they are updated this makes them usable. Ultimately it is our usage that will decide which Smart Speakers is great.

Till next time, Take care.

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