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The Internet has a lot of good content music, video, or eBook that we wish to download. For a regular user downloading something is a very easy thing. But most of us are still unaware of some of the widely used methods of downloading.

How we download

To download a file, click on download or similar button. After this browser will show download dialogue box as shown below.

How we download

If you are using Google Chrome download will start immediately. On another browser download, prompt may appear, you have to select the correct option to download.


If you right-click or long-press/tap (on mobile devices) a dialogue box will appear with the option “save as” which will save or download the desired file.


For example, if you want to save a picture, right-click or long-press/tap (on a mobile device) and then click on “Save…as” or save option.

Problem with downloading!

It is experienced by so many users that, if there is a problem in internet connectivity than download will stop despite trying so many time.

Broken download error while downloading

Solution “Download Manager”

For downloading a large file or with if you face a problem with downloading; you should use a download manager. A download manager is a software which will download at higher speed by simultaneously downloading a file. Also, it will auto-resume download.

Free Download Manager known as FDM

Some of the popular download managers are listed below.

  • FDM or Free Download Manager
  • IDM or Internet Download Manager
  • EagleGet
Internet Download Manager known as IDM

Torrents download

Torrent file-sharing is based on Peer to Peer or P2P file sharing. Let me show you in simple language, on the internet out of all file transfers almost 70% files are transferred through torrents.

To download a file you have to download a .torrent file. This file contains data about the download. This file is opened in Torrent client software such as BitTorrent or uTorrent. Then torrent or file starts downloading.



To exactly understand how this works, click on link.

Believe me; Torrents are so popular that now even movie studios and software companies distribute their movie or software using Torrents.

Best websites on the Internet

The Internet is full of content that you might want to download. There is a lot of websites that offer movie, music, eBooks and software downloads. There is thousands of torrents website that offer this kind of downloads. Some of the popular websites are as under.


But do keep in mind that some of the content is copyrighted and downloading it can lead to legal trouble. So download with care. Also, there is always a threat of viruses and malware which can damage your system, as well as your pocket.

Take care.

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