Android 8 Oreo by Google, time to update.

Android is the world’s most popular mobile OS, no doubt about that. So let us see what is in Android 8 aka Oreo. Every Android update is distinct in itself. For example, some are known for their new features. Some updates were known for their stability or strengthened security features. As far as I consider […]

Story of Jadav Payeng

The forest man “Molai” Jadav Payeng is a living source of inspiration for how a man single handily created a forest out of a sandbar in India. A 16-year boy known as “Molai” noticed that a 1000 hectares sandbar of Majuli island was continuously being eroded day by day due to lack of forest, vegetation, […]

How to get Fit and Fabulous !

Nowadays people workout hard to remain slim n fit at the gym. Everyone is trying different ways of getting slim. Many people go for exercise with a good diet regime. Some people prefer dieting or selective fasting. People always keep searching on Google about how to be fit and healthy. In most scenarios getting the […]