Pixel 2: Highest rated mobile camera phone

Pixel 2 mobile camera phone is released on October 4, 2017, by Google. It is released with 2 variants. Clearly this is a worthy upgrade over last year’s Pixel phone. There were a lot of leaks and presumptions which at most turned out somewhat true.

Pixel 2 was unveiled in two variants, that is one is a 5-inch model and the other is a 6-inch model. As per Google’s event, both the model has similar camera hardware, unlike Apple 7 and Plus models.


Specification wise devices are updated to the newest in the business (no complaint here, everything neatly is chosen). You can find device specifications from this link.

Pixel 2 Specifications dingle-in.preview-domain.com

Last year first Google Phone Pixel had scored highest at DxOMark with a 90 out of 100. This left behind Apple iPhone 7 Plus which scored commendable 88. This year is no difference, as earlier iPhone 8 Plus released which scored 94 points and even Samsung Note 8 scored 94. Everyone believed this is it, but Pixel 2 scored 98!

Highest ever rating given by DxOMark to any mobile camera.


  • Looking at the camera specs, Pixel 2 has 12MP 1/2.6″ sensor; f/1.8 aperture; OIS and Dual Pixel AF. This time Google has opted for OIS and EIS with dual pixel autofocus.
  • The result is stunning in all light condition. Camera samples are shown by google at time of presentation clearly indicated that no post-processing done by any means, still image quality is great and many Camera enthusiasts have endorsed it.

So Pixel 2 is the best camera phone.

Moreover, Google announcement of Unlimited storage for Pixel 2 owner was Cherry on the cake. My iPhone 7 was constantly notified me of low storage space until I swept it with Samsung Note.

iPhone storage warning


The design-wise phone looks simple yet beautiful. Moreover this time you don’t have to worry about Rain or accidental spill as the phone is now IP67 rated. Google reserved some feature for Pixel phone for exclusivities like Google Lens and Google Buds and Translation.

When you use Google Buds, Google’s new AI, and Assistant-powered earphone which gives you a real-time translation. The demo at the launch event was enough to show its capability. Sadly this works only with Google Bud’s user and this makes me quite skeptical.

On the software front, Pixel 2 is powered by Android 8.0 Oreo, and this time google device support is extended up to 3 years which is in my term better than it’s competition. Google Pixel home screen has been revamped considering usability and in my terms that look better than previously.

Just like the HTC U11 device, physically squeezing the “active edge” on the side of Pixel 2’s case opens Google Assistant and this is convenient and fast compared to the previous method. Always on Display is added with the notification from apps like a calendar which is a welcome feature.

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Overall this new 2nd generation devices are going to be a hit and there is no doubt about it. Moreover, Pixel 2 mobile phone price is at US$649 and Pixel 2 XL price is US$200 more which makes it value for money candidate.

Overall this is a great phone, let’s see how they fare against in the highly competitive smartphone market.

Till next time, Be Good.

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