Oppo & Vivo Mobiles, Why you should not buy!

Today if you go for a new mobile you will find that every Indian Mobile shop is filled with Vivo & Oppo adverts. Everywhere you will find these Chinese companies advertisements. If you inquire for a good phone almost all the time shopkeeper will suggest you Oppo & Vivo.

So I decided to find out why these mobile phones are seen everywhere, are they really good or something else?

All Brands from One Company

To know more I googled for these two mobile companies on the Internet. I found that surprisingly these two companies are from the same parent company. In fact, OnePlus is also a part of the parent company. That is all three companies, Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus are owned by the same company BBK from China. That is why we used to see Oppo and Vivo hoardings side by side. The difference is only in color.

BBK Mother of Vivo Oppo 1+

Let’s see how theses phones compete against the competition.

Let us take an example for Vivo V5 mobile phone which retails at around 15000 to 16000 in India. Now as per specification it has 4GB RAM, 720P display, Good selfie camera and processor is MTK6750! The overall specification is good but at 15000 INR! Price is not justified as we can find other companies good phone at less price and with better specs. For example, Moto G5, Redmi Note 4, Sony, HTC and even Samsung J series and On series.

In my opinion just to get a good selfie one should not spend 15000 INR. Are you going to use your phone only for taking only a selfie? Not in my opinion.

The Reason

The real problem is whenever someone enters a mobile shop he is bombarded with the selfie-taking ability of Oppo & Vivo. Nothing else. Those representatives at the shop are so trained that they just brainwash you for Oppo & Vivo. I find that these phones do take a good selfie. Considering the other phones and there is nothing special about it.

This two phone companies have the same strategy of giving lower grade hardware at a much higher price just in the name of Selfie. Almost all phone of Oppo & Vivo is overpriced compared to the competition.

They just focus on Selfie camera. Even Vivo emphasizing on Moonlight flash which they even claim gives better selfie.

Vivo mobile salesgirl

Out of context let me tell you a real fact of myself.

A few years ago before the Android era, I had a Sony phone W810 with a great camera. Once its flashlight had some issues and needed replacement, I got it repaired from a local shop. To my dismay, the new flash was inferior to the original flash. Upon query, to my surprise that the mobile shop owner where I got repaired my phone, tried to convince me that the new flash is of new technology. It improves battery life!

Similarly, in the name of Moonlight flash (which is slightly pale compared to others) for the selfie camera, the guy at the shop was saying that Vivo phone has the best flashlight in world…!

In short, these mobile phones are having poor value for money in my opinion and you should not buy these phones.

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A quick info on smartphone addiction

Than why Vivo/Oppo are selling like hotcakes and gained a larger market share?

Higher Dealer margin by Oppo Vivo

The reason is simple, they give much higher commission to retailers and advertisement expenses are all done by Oppo & Vivo. That you just say yes, and they turn your shop into an Oppo & Vivo shop. Even, if you provide space for hoarding or billboard they pay you a hefty amount.

Now the retailer at the shop gets a higher margin in selling Oppo & Vivo mobile than other brands. That is why they promote and sell these mobiles.

Vivo oppo banner

In the old days’ shopkeepers used to advertise from their own pocket, to gain better sells. At present Oppo & Vivo phone retailer gains financial gains from start by showing ads, and after by selling products.

Thus Oppo & Vivo phones have captured the market just by advertisement despite having poor products.

What we should do now?

We should take a positive approach. Neither this is the Oppo & Vivo bashing forum, nor I have been paid by rival companies.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy a mobile just keep these facts in mind and be smart while buying. Compare prices of a similar mobile phone of other brands and decide. Even there are so many reputed reviewing sites like gsmarena.com, digit.in, www.fonearena.com and other tech blogs. Whether you are buying or not, from e-stores like flipkart.com or amazon.in do a search for your chosen mobile. Go through the reviews and then decide. Finally, Facilitate others with the facts and help them. Thank you.

Eagerly awaiting your comments, Be Good.

Take Care.

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