How to improve your handwriting

Today I will saw you how to improve handwriting. We always like Good handwriting. It gives appreciation and attention with good marks/grades. Use Good Pen or Pencil To write something you need a pen or pencil. Always use a good pen that is comfortable to use. A pen should not cause pain in your finger […]

Most stupidly used car features

Car features are improving day by day and cars are becoming ultra-luxurious. This car features are intended for a specific purpose and they demand purposeful use. It is seen that however is documented, we always tend to use some car features in a stupid way.   So today I am showing some of these car […]

How to curb Sugar craving and Why?

Sugar craving is a needless urge of our body. Sugar gives our body energy to sustain and survive. Still, almost all the time doctors advise us to reduce sugar consumption. Why? Sugar has a reputation of causing serious problems in our body right from gum and teeth up to the heart and liver problem. Reasons […]

Tom Alter, our beloved “Angrez.”

It is said that the English actor never succeeds in Indian Cinema, Bollywood. Tom Alter was an exception. He was a native American, although he turned out to be a great and most successful English actor in the Indian cinema industry. Early life f Tom Alter Tom Alter was born as Thomas Beach Alter on […]

Navratri: A Festival of Dance and Devotion!

Navratri or popularly known as Garba is a festival of Dance. The theme of this festival is Victory over Evil. Navratri translates to “Nine Nights.” It starts on the First day of Aasho month of Vikram Samvat or Hindu calendar and ends the ninth day of Aasho. It is a Hindu festival in honor of Devi […]